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Your One Thing for 2018

Dear Friends,



What is the ONE THING that if you accomplished it, gained it or became it in 2018 would satisfy you? What did you do today to ensure that you moved closer toward that thing?

Tyler Perry as Madea

I watched a YouTube video where Tyler Perry attributes having one focus, getting Madea into the theatre, onto the stage as paramount to his meteoric success. Just one focus. Not Madea and losing weight. Or Madea on stage, in books, in movies and on coffee cups. It was Madea on stage. Period. His life organized itself around this intention. His hourly jobs existed to support the production of Madea. He worked until they conflicted with his goal, then quit and got another job. He lived in his car, in weekly hotels, and apartments. His sole focus was getting Madea seen. Nothing would stop him from making Madea happen. For eight years he held one show a year, that he subsidized before Madea took off, skyrocketing into a national play, a movie, and eventually a series of movies. One primary focus then when he mastered the one his world opened up.

The same story could be told about Richard Branson. He started with a student newspaper that focused on music in London. He sold mail order rare records through the newspaper in order to help subsidize it. The record business, would then become his focus. After giving that his all he would open a mega, multi-country record store — Virgin Records. The Virgin Group would become he umbrella company for many other Virgin businesses — cell phones, airplanes, trains, media, comics and more. Branson focus and built one thing real well until he had the entrepreneur capacity of expanding from solidity.

In The Spender’s Guide to Debt-Free Living, author Anna Newell Jones committed to paying off her $20K plus debt by undergoing on a spending fast for one year. She made a list of her wants and needs and trained herself to only pay for needs and to commit the remainder of her income to pay off debt. Her life wrapped itself around this intention. Her family stopped going to restaurants for meals. She didn’t buy any new clothes and stopped going to movies. She used the internet at the library, giving up her home subscription. Her life changed. Her behavior changed. Her habits changed and in one year with her $33,000 a year job payed off over $17,000 in debt.

I made a list of my friends who had one intention and recounted to myself how they manifested them. I have been swimming around in this ONE and only ONE primary intention for 2018. I started with five intentions and tried them on one at a time to see if they inspired me and were large enough to be worthy of my energy. My ONE thing for 2018; I’m holding close to my chest and I’m loving it, cultivating it and watching my life wrap itself around it.

What is your ONE THING? And what one, two or three things did you do today to get closer to making it real?

Happy 2018,


Did you know that Reverend Bonnie works with entrepreneurs in expanding their business through spiritual principles and prayer?

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