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Birthing a New Community and Movement

Dear Friends,


Two weekends ago I was in Aravaipa Canyon on retreat with a group of Potent Souls. We came together on Sacred Land to step into the energy of Honor and allow it to teach us. We began with honoring ourselves and introducing ourselves to each other from our Soul. We assigned Native American meanings to our names after sitting in an extensive, deep meditation. My name’s meaning is: She who brings Heaven to earth and brings forth a Mighty Vision. I’ve included a picture of my painting that demonstrates to me the feeling of this meaning.


The retreat would continue with honoring our ancestors, the land, each other, and Creativity. I left with an internal prototype established for the opening of our new community, ImpulsUS, this past weekend.

ImpulsUS is Latin for Impulse (intentionally capitalized) which to me represents the Original Impulse of Life that created the cosmos and evolved billions of years later to create you and I. ImpulsUS is a center that teaches what we are calling Emerging Spirituality. Spirituality instead of one religious path, as we are open to all Sacred teachings. Emerging, as there is a Law of Emergence which states that when one or more Wholes come together a third can be created totally unlike the first two. Embedded in this Law is the Truth of our Wholeness. Emerging, to me, is also an inner welling up … insight and wisdom emerging from within the Sanctuary of the Self. This is a new movement; one I have been birthing this past year in consciousness with a team and culminating from all of my inner spiritual discipline and outer spiritual studies.

As a new mother, I am aware of the need to care for both myself and for the infant. And, as a new mom, I am continually wowed at what is being shown and reflected back to me. Check out our website and visit us when you’re in Old Town Scottsdale at the Hyatt House, 4245 N Drinkwater Blvd. My values and priorities remain the same with my spiritual practice (God connection) being my highest value and bringing forth this body of work, my second. Now with the form taking shape my availability has shifted some; as it must. I believe the phone recording would say “the wait times have gotten longer.”

There is a seat and a community waiting for you. See you in Scottsdale,

Here we go …bonnie

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