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Supporting a Dream

My friend Paul Dillon is a wonderful man and powerful musician.  He had a dream.  His dream was to have his third CD, Brand New Day, professionally mastered and packaged by Grammy award winning master, David Glasser. The cost of this dream; $2,500.

Few people have a dream.  Fewer still, pursue the vision brewing within them.  A very small number actually follow through to completion.  One of the many self-imposed obstacles?  Money.

This is where Paul was brilliant!  He set up an account with  He laid out his vision, and suggested pledge amounts with accompanying gifts.  He then sent an invitation to his friends, colleagues, and acquaintances with the opportunity to support him in fulfilling his dream.

A $10 pledge would yield a downloadable CD.  Add a copy of a CD to the downloadable for $25.  A pledge of $50 would get the donor two signed CDs.  $100 could buy your name on the CD cover as a supporter and $500 would give you a private concert in your home.  Within thirty days, Paul had:

5 Backers at $10
18 Backers at $25
4 Backers at $50
12 Backers at $100
2 Backers at $500

He reached his goal and the day came for him to meet with David Glasser. As a supporter, Paul sent me photos of his trip and the studio mastering experience.

Once the project was finished, I contacted him, wanting to know what it felt like to ask for and receive dream support. In a word, “humbling.” Paul’s biggest surprise was the outpouring of support by acquaintances. The two $500 backers were not in his inner circle.

When asked what he learned, Paul said “Once I began by taking a step, the next step revealed itself. Once I committed to the dream, the fulfillment took care of itself.”

I hired and worked with one of the greatest fundraiser consultants, Lynne Twist, when I undertook the big vision of the National Forgiveness Tour in 2004. She told me if given the chance, one always wants 100 donations of $5 instead of one donation of $5,000. She reminded me money carries the energy of the giver. When we receive donations, we aren’t just receiving cash, we are receiving votes, prayers, wishes, and love. The larger number of givers, she shared, the greater the energetic support.

When Paul contacted me about his project I couldn’t wait to say “yes.” I wanted to contribute some of my love to his dream.

Thank you Paul,

Check out Paul’s music at


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