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YOU Can’t Make Me!!

Dear Friends,



There is some High Spiritual Truth in the childish saying “YOU Can’t Make Me!” My friend Glenda would add “I am boss of myself.”

Each one of us is at choice and held responsible by the choices we make. Newton’s third law of motion says for every action there is a reaction. The Buddhist would call it karma; what I do to others, I do to myself. The Jew and Christian would say we sow what we’ve planted. No one else is responsible for me. I am the choice maker, I am it.

With that said, I have made a commitment to myself to disengage from the public political conversation based within the paradigm of right and wrong, we and they, and hold counsel within my own being aligning to a Presence and Power far greater than divisive politics. My commitment is to come from a place of Love in all discourse, or to not open my mouth. I have come to know words usher in an energy field and I will not add energy of divisive hatred within my human family.

This does not mean that I am uncaring. It means the contrary. I intend to practice a conversation which comes from the knowing that each of us is made in the image and likeness and from The Eternal. Each one of us is Manifest Good. My brothers and sisters deserve to have living wages, live in a world de-void of rape and war, have plenty of healthy, good, yummy nutrient rich food, be creative, and bring forth their gifts. Our children deserve great education and safety within their communities. Many of my brothers and sisters are experiencing deep woundedness from traumatic events. I will stand with them as they heal and be a part of the solution of mending.

Granddaughter Lillianne

I will hold the High Watch, know this within my prayers, speak this with conviction and take action through organizations and groups doing the work right now, today. I will not, invest in tearing others down, hateful speech, and making others wrong. I will BE a grandmother who teaches precious Lillianne the power of aligning with one’s inner convictions and living them.

How will I do this? I don’t have all of the answers. They are slowing trickling into my consciousness like a faucet with a holy drip. What I do know if that when I see a political commentary from one side or another posted on my Facebook page, I will stop and say a prayer from the energy I desire to live in. The posting will be a call for me to go deeper into me. It will be my intentional trigger. I will watch the Democratic Convention, as I did with the Republican one last week. I will continue to write letters to my politicians as I have since I was a teen. I will give money, if I am inspired to do so. I will not disengage from the creation of a world I choose to live in, however, I will find a new way for myself to play, and I’m still a bit wobbly.

When I go deeper with the saying “You Can’t Make Me” I know there is only One of us here. There is no “you” and no “me” so how do I the Singular create a world which includes it all and excludes none of it? ¬†Oh, I feel a koan coming on …

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has a great sermon which reflects some of where I’m at today. I will write about it in my next post.

Practicing what I Preach,

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