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Six Impossible Thoughts Before Breakfast

Dear Friends,



In the movie Alice in Wonderland, Alice says “I sometimes think of six impossible things before breakfast.”

This past weekend I attended a two day conversation with Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith where he began by inviting the group to enter into the spiritual practice of stretching our minds daily by making a list of at list six things we find impossible.  The underlying premise is the more I mentally stretch, the less impossible and more possible something feels. I began my list.

1. Ten thousand regularly readers read my blog.
2. Grocery stores decide to sell only organic food which is affordable to all.
3. The song I write is recorded by Lady Gaga and tops the chart.
4. Individuals realize how powerful they are and harness this power to transform the relationships with others in the world.
5. War ceases within my lifetime and I have to explain to my grand daughter what it once “was.”
6. I live from a place which accepts and doesn’t judge myself and others.

It can be individual or universal, it doesn’t matter.  The invitation is to, yes, make it up, however, it is also to give myself the energetic possibility of something larger happening through me than my current limited ideas.  I sat in the energy of possibility without attachment to any of these six coming into fruition.  My intention was not make anything happen, but to be with an idea beyond my reach.  I realized I was involved in mental gymnastics; a working out of my mind.  I was also keenly aware I was cultivating waves of energy and my body responded beautifully to this.

That same morning I was reading the transcripts of talks given by Krishnamurti as part of my inspirational food. In his 1972 Madras talk he examined the operations of the mind.  I ran to my room to re-read his message adding texture to this practice.  Krishnamurti says (paraphrasing):

1. All of life is founded upon relationship. (self, others, society, church, Higher Self, work, the past etc)
2. We are trained to conform within relationships.
3. Conformity is a mental attachment to an existing thought pattern.
4. Our Soul insists upon freedom. Freedom comes from thinking outside of existing patterns.

“It is only the man who steps out of the stream who knows what love it.”  Krishnamurti

I am committed to this practice for the next thirty days, and possibly longer.  Please know you are invited to do the same.

Bursting with the Energy of Possibility,

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