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The Gospel of the Belly

Dear Friends,


I have had a long term battle with my belly. It is subtle at times, and very blatant at others. I swear it has a life of its own and I have secretly resented it; although until last night, I was not aware of this brewing distain. On Monday I will fit into an outfit, than Tuesday I am too swollen to wear it. I will go to sleep on Wednesday feeling fine to wake up on Thursday with a distended stomach and no understanding as to how it happened.

My long battle with the belly became more intense after undergoing a hysterectomy leaving with it scattered scars of different sizes and colorimages-2 hues reminding me of Di Vinci, the name of the robot that conducted the operation. I have visited doctors, medical intuitives, faith healers, and weight loss centers to address this persistent annoyance. Which brings me to all of the ways I’ve set out to take good care of my body which hasn’t resulted in visual evidence — working with a dietician for 18 months, becoming a vegan, eating raw, taking periodic cleanses, taking long daily walks and/or hikes, changing my water, changing my climate, visiting therapists of many varieties, shifting to organic food, investing in system after system of possible solutions to the problem — the belly with its own mind.

I lie in bed last night, placing my hands upon my red plaid flannel nightgown, and feeling the Light travel from my hands into the belly as I Unknown-2began my prayers of gratitude for the day. This prayer moved me into an ecstatic state of Love. In one moment, I realize the problem with my belly is I believe there is a problem. I have subtly believed that God is All there is EXCEPT my belly, which is a problem child and excluded from Grace. As I realized that God IS my belly, there isn’t God AND my belly but God AS my belly, I began to laugh the laugh of awareness. All along I have created a big deal out of no deal at all.

As soon as I realized the Holy nature of my belly, everything shifted within me. I saw my belly as a gift. I need one, it is part of the body. I saw, once again, the false power of exclusion and the healing power of acceptance. At that moment the only thing that mattered to me was Love. Love of me to my belly, me to me, and me to the external world.

Unknown-3My new practice is to see what I perceive as problems to be limited congealed thoughts calling me into a greater experience of Love. Perceived problems equals the potential for Deep Sacred Love if I stay awake. Yippee!!! Now I’m not going to go around trying to create problems, yet should one come visiting, I will remember the Gospel of the Belly.

Happy Sunday to you!


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