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Endings … Sweet Endings

Dear Friends,


Today, the first Momentum and Miracles group ended. We met for the month of July with each of us focused on “One Thing” to accomplish or move forward. As this particular group is coming to an end, it got me thinking about endings.

As Infinite, multi-dimensional Beings, one of our primary forms of currency is energy. It is the Quantum realization that we are more formless than form and all of Life is a spectrum of light to dense energy. We are always circulating energy, and as Einstein said, “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.” And how does this change or circulation happen? Through our attention and intention.

Many clients I have worked with over the years have a hard time with endings. They desire to keep things the way that they are and hold tight to what feels, or felt good. My observation is that this is related to an abandonment wound of some sort, and acknowledging completion is difficult (and they also find themselves surrounded by a lot of incompletions). Endings, though, are necessary to end stagnation and activate energy flow.

Imagine the sentences above without punctuation. It’s hard to even imagine. Punctuation within a paragraph allows for a mental pause and the acknowledgement that one sentence has ended (and is complete in and of itself) and another has begun. As a minister who conducts weddings and memorial services, these too demonstrate endings and beginnings. A marriage signifies the end to single hood as a community witnesses this commitment to change. A memorial service, likewise is a pause to acknowledge the end of a person’s physical existence as they leave the form and return into a formless state.

Ritual is a great means for acknowledging endings and beginnings. My friend is going through a divorce and she has buried symbols of her old self and has created an altar in her new home to her new emerging self. Birthday parties signify the ending of a year and the stepping into another. My grand babies are great with saying, “Grammy, I am no longer three, I am now FOUR.” Imagine if we were to say this about ourselves, “I am no longer overweight, I am now healthy proportioned.” “I am no longer with him, I am now with me.” “I am no longer holding onto the past, I now live in the present.” Truly, the Presence of God resides in the present.

For today’s Momentum and Miracle group lesson, I created an acronym for the word END. I hope you find it useful:

E = Evaluate. Evaluate what the benefits were for what was. As we are able to cull out the Good, we are able to see God.

N = Notice. Celebrate. Acknowledge. Honor. Give a hearty punctuation to the sentence that preceded what is to come.

D = Dissolve. Let what was be what was. If you’ve have to a new job. Move on. If your relationship is over don’t keep digging it up; let it be over. If you have moved to a new location, give yourself the gift of the new location. With that said, as we have allowed things to end, we are in a place to re-create a new from the old if it is ours to do.

I am SO very grateful for those in the FB Live Momentum and Miracles group and for allowing me to shepherd us forward this past month. The new group in September will be NEW as we consciously allowed the old to complete itself today.

May Love Bless You and Keep You Warm,


If you are interested in the September Momentum and Miracles group, go to and register.

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