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The Spacious Present Now Vital Aliveness

Dear Friends,

Many years ago Amy, Dr. Michael and I got together weekly for two years to vision a new spiritual community in Scottsdale. It would be called ImpulsUS. This community came together to “experiment in The Field.” We would meditate, listen to The Space around us and between us, paint, write poetry, receive transmissions from anointed beings of Divine Light. It was magical, fun, and different. When the three of us were receiving The Community Values from our visioning process, Spaciousness was one of them.

Why would Spaciousness be a spiritual community’s value? Because when one has Space within oneself, there is perspective, non-attachment, and lots of Love present. When there is Spaciousness between two people each person has their own sovereign self, gratitude exists, and often co-creating takes place. There is room for judgment to be in the space, afterall all is welcome, although ironically, judgment likes small contracted dark spaces so it doesn’t seem to take hold.

This past week there has been a lot of news coming out about the president, politics, and I attached to a worldview filled with immense fear resulting in internal torture and terror for myself. Today I had enough of my dalliances into this mess and on my morning walk I listened to a talk given by Kyle Cease at Agape International Spiritual Center, October 20, 2019, 9 am service. Kyle speaks of spaciousness and God or The Field as The Space. I was instantly reminded of what I had known through our visioning about Space. And, sometimes to touch the inner knowing can be enough to return to Center.

I am posting this wonderful talk here and highly recommend you watch it. It’s about 30 minutes in length and begins at 49:00 minutes. The file is large and so you will need to leave this blog to watch it.

Sunday October 20th 2019

I want to share Kyle’s practice of transcendence with you so you can incorporate it into your spiritual tool box:

  1. Think about something you worry about. It can be losing your job, feeling as though you aren’t enough, in my case feeling nationally unsafe … you get the picture. Then notice where that feeling resides in your body. For me it was my throat. Kyle says our mind forgets we have a body so when we are engage with worry or fear it is usually felt from the chest upward.
  2. Ask yourself if this feeling is one that is expansive (clue to Spaciousness) or contracting (fear, doubt, worry).
  3. Close your eyes. Feel into the space that is around your heart — the space that informs your heart to beat — The Space. Then tell The Space your worry and fears. Keep them going until you are done. “I am worried the country will never recover from this corruption,” “I am scared I will die,” “my grandchildren will inherit a country that isn’t American,” “America will turn into a third world country and I will lose freedom,” etc.
  4. Listen to its response back to you. What did it say? Sometimes it is words, sometimes it is feelings. If tears begin to release it is the sloughing off of a childhood contraction being seen for the first time through the energy field of Love. Sit with it and allow The Space to continue to show you the Reality that You Are.

What Kyle shares, and what I know to be true, is every time we resurrect an old childhood interpretation, it is risen. It is transformed. It is done. It is complete. Love assumes the energetic spot where fear was once stored. It is a beautiful practice.

Kyle puts a lot of stock in meditation as meditation is the key to Spacious Living. I have been blessed these last few weeks playing in the arena of Christian Meditation (John Main) and Centering Prayer (Thomas Keating) and reclaiming the beautiful messages of Love given through Jesus while at the same time engaging in meditation. This was a HUGE healing for me as I had been told as a young exploring Christian that meditation was seducing The Devil. Yet, the Christian and Catholic mystics always knew the importance of silent listening in order to know and love The Only Thing that Is; God or The Presence or The Space. That younger part of me has been freed from the nonsense and is doing backflips and handstands as she is invited into meditation alongside all other aspects of me.

Continue to Prosper,


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