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The Spacious Present Now Vital Aliveness

Many years ago Amy, Dr. Michael and I got together weekly for two years to vision a new spiritual community in Scottsdale. It would be called ImpulsUS. This community came together to “experiment in The Field.” We would meditate, listen to The Space around us and between us, paint, write poetry, receive transmissions from anointed beings of Divine Light. It was magical, fun, and different. When the three of us were receiving The Community Values from our visioning process, Spaciousness was one of them. Why would Spaciousness be a spiritual community’s value? Because when one has Space within oneself, there is perspective, non-attachment, and lots of Love present. When there is Spaciousness between two people each person has their own sovereign self, gratitude exists, and often co-creating takes place. There is room for judgment to be in the space, afterall all is welcome, although ironically, judgment likes small contracted dark spaces so it doesn’t seem to take hold. This past week there has been a lot of news coming...

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Birthing a New Community and Movement

  Two weekends ago I was in Aravaipa Canyon on retreat with a group of Potent Souls. We came together on Sacred Land to step into the energy of Honor and allow it to teach us. We began with honoring ourselves and introducing ourselves to each other from our Soul. We assigned Native American meanings to our names after sitting in an extensive, deep meditation. My name’s meaning is: She who brings Heaven to earth and brings forth a Mighty Vision. I’ve included a picture of my painting that demonstrates to me the feeling of this meaning. The retreat would continue with honoring our ancestors, the land, each other, and Creativity. I left with an internal prototype established for the opening of our new community, ImpulsUS, this past weekend. ImpulsUS is Latin for Impulse (intentionally capitalized) which to me represents┬áthe Original Impulse of Life that created the cosmos and evolved billions of years later to create you and I. ImpulsUS is a center that teaches what we are calling...

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