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How Do You Multiply Your Good?

Dear Friends,

I woke up this morning with the Wealth of Jesus on my mind. I saw him in his fine linen, which scholars say indicate he had extraordinary wealth. I realized that no where in the Bible did it say that Jesus was off to Jerusalem but couldn’t because he didn’t have a donkey, food for his trip, spending money, or resources to get to where he was going. After I laughed, I immediately saw his manger in a stable and had the epiphany that out of little (a manger birth) comes a lot (the son of God with everything possible).

Remember the story of the woman with the oil in the Bible? She had a little, and as long as she had faith, every time she poured the flask oil came out. How about the Bible verse Galations 5:9, where we are reminded that a little leaven leaveneth up the whole lump. Then there’s Jesus who took water (little) and turned it into wine (potency). How about the loaves and the fishes story? Out of a little, with blessing and faith came enough to feed 5,000. Story after story of multiplication and non-stop supply.

What are the common threads from these stories?

  • Start with what you have. What if you are enough for everything you are to be, do and have? Sit with that for a moment. I am enough. What if the faith in knowing your enoughness is the foundation for you accessing Spirit? The Great I Am?
  • Then you use what you have. It can be a thing, like oil, food, or leaven, or possibly those symbols represent the skills and passions God has given you, or the spiritual fruit that lives within each of us.
  • And you take action. Pray and act (faith).

Many readers of scripture get caught up in the literal message. They read the Bible as though the stories were historical events which happened to people who are now dead. The metaphysical and mystical reader reads for the energy within each story. Then she realizes that each character from the the burning bush, to the disciplines, Mary, and Jesus aren’t solely historical figures but are aspects within each one of our beings. Reading the Bible from a Soul perspective allows us to experience The Presence of God within us.

How does Jesus as a wealthy teacher inspire you to embrace your own enoughness and move forward with your own God-given intentions?

Happy Thursday,

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