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How Does Peace Feel?

Dear Friends,

How does Peace feel in your body? What is the sensation of Peace? How do you know when it is present? You may be able to say, duh, it is this …. and go into description, or it may cause some thoughtful contemplation. And, it is worth doing. To know the vibration of a concept, to intimately know an internal quality allows us to call it forward at any given moment because, in essence, we know where it is located and how to access it, and we can trust its presence as us.


Several weeks ago I had this crazy idea of compiling a global Peace prayer through video clips posted onto YouTube. The intention is three fold: 1. to invoke Peace and creativity with those making the submissions, and 2. to magnify the field of Peace through this project so that it is easier for others in the world to access, 3. to directly impact individuals through the message. You are encouraged to play. You can sing your insight, speak it, create an animation or likeness to convey your message. You can do it alone, or with a group in front of a sign indicating who you are. Let us know what Peace is to you and how you know it. Speak words of Peace for people, places and things as though it is already done. Step into it and share your insights. Keep your submissions to around 15 seconds.

Yes, I did say “you” and it may be yours to do, and it may not be. However, I bet you know someone who would jump at the opportunity to add their energy and voice to knowing Peace throughout the entire world. Inner peace, outer peace, visual peace, visceral peace.

For more information on how to submit your video, see the details on Community Prayer for World Peace blog dated November 26th.

This holiday season; let Peace ring,


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