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Meditation Monday: My Life NOW

Dear Friends,



I am at times called into deep contemplation and prayer for a day. Today is such a day. As I have taken my prayer seat in my prayer chair to begin the process, I have asked my inner guidance for today’s meditation to clear the energy around me and within me that has impeded my ability to know the Allness of God. The meditation that bubbled to the top for the day is repeating the following words of Truth and feeling them in my body:

There is One Life and that is the Life of God and it is my life NOW.

This contemplation isn’t new to me. I’ve spoken it for decades, but today, the energy of it is vibrant and light and lifts my Soul and cracks my heart wide open. What I know is the Presence is within me. Jesus and all of the great teachers say this, and I have been blessed to know it on occasion, as well. I also know that I am in God. Like a fish in water, I am surrounded by the Love of God.

I feel the Light within me activate as I speak these words and I feel the Light around me holding me. God is. I am. And it is NOW. My mind is in the Present moment. I sit in the present moment and feel it. Without my agenda. Without an evident desire. I sit, I speak, and I feel.

There is One Life and that is the Life of God and it is my life NOW.

This past week I learned that Tracy Morgan’s van had been hit after doing his comedy routine. I was shaken to the core. I don’ know him, yet I was awoken to the temporary nature of being in body, once again. While in body, I want to touch, feel, explore, sing, hug, paint, write — do what I love to do in body. God is Love and expresses Itself in through and as each of us. When I die, I want to have lived. I want to have lived out the Qualities of God (Peace, Joy, Love, Grace, Abundance, Creativity, etc) through me. I want to leave behind a trail of evidence that God took form as me on this planet. So I continue to sit with this Truth:

There is One Life and that is the Life of God and it is my life NOW.

I asked a class last month what their life would look like if they really knew that God was all there is and they put this knowing into action? Stunned silence followed by gasps and eventually some vision as who they’d be. This is a question I ask myself today. I can’t out love or out give God, so I surrender my mental concepts of myself into The Only Life that is and bask in the metamorphous that is taking place within me. And, I trust It.

I will continue throughout the day to observe the insights and realizations I will be given. I will take notes and listen more deeply. Today is meditation Monday. Please join me with this Truth, even if but for a moment.

We are Love(d),


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