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Spirituality and the Immune System

How is your immune system’s health? This has become an important question with the Coronavirus in the news right now. Individuals who have a compromised immune system are at risk for the virus being dangerous; those with a healthy immune system may or may not get sick and will yet most likely fight it off. Throughout my ministry I have had a keen interest in the relationship between what we think about, our spiritual life and our physical health. With this interest, I have been a long time student of building immune health, body mind and spirit. I am not a medical doctor, but I continue to have conversations with my own personal doctor team, I have numerous friends in the field of medicine, and I read like a crazy lady. This past week my phone has been actively ringing with friends and clients afraid of the Coronavirus and so I am putting what I have learned about building long term health into this short blog. This is what...

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Fortifying Body and Mind in the Midst of the Flu

  Six days ago I sat on my living room couch making a list of what I intended to accomplish the next day; part of my daily routine. One breath was stable and even followed by a lubricated swallow. The next breath shifted and my throat was dry, raw, and sore; no lead up, a full-on, high speed, fever-induced flu. For just shy of a week I have been living in pajamas moving between my bed and the couch and toggling between television, computer, silence, and a book. I launch into body-vacation (aka flu) mode. 1. When my body isn’t feeling well, I notice how well I AM. Throughout the day I connect with my Inner Spirit that is happy and doing calisthenics. I allow myself to be nurtured by the Inner/Outer Spirit regardless of how my body feels. 2. I treat my body like a child and love it up!!! If it requires rest; I give myself rest. If it desires entertainment, I turn on a movie. I bathe regularly, drink lots...

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2013 is a Good Year for Learning and Deepening

This new year promises to be a Go(o)d one because I choose it to be.  I am old enough, imbued with enough wisdom, to realize my circumstances don’t dictate my sense of well-being, and I can influence many of my circumstances through thought and all of them through Love. So, I choose to enter into and live 2013 with the magical, miracle of simply being alive in this multi-dimensional universe. Aaaah… Join me in a powerful year. Two of my friends asked me on separate occasions to teach them how to pray as I do. The prayer technology I use is entitled Affirmative Prayer. This technology is several hundred years old and empowering. It acknowledges the mystical reality of the Kingdom of God as an inner reality and creates prayer with this in mind. I’ll be offering a three session class on this in January. I have been asked by a colleague to offer a class on embodiment and health. The focus of this series is learning to energetically...

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