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2013 is a Good Year for Learning and Deepening

Dear Friends,

This new year promises to be a Go(o)d one because I choose it to be.  I am old enough, imbued with enough wisdom, to realize my circumstances don’t dictate my sense of well-being, and I can influence many of my circumstances through thought and all of them through Love. So, I choose to enter into and live 2013 with the magical, miracle of simply being alive in this multi-dimensional universe. Aaaah… Join me in a powerful year.

Two of my friends asked me on separate occasions to teach them how to pray as I do. The prayer technology I use is entitled Affirmative Prayer. This technology is several hundred years old and empowering. It acknowledges the mystical reality of the Kingdom of God as an inner reality and creates prayer with this in mind. I’ll be offering a three session class on this in January.

I have been asked by a colleague to offer a class on embodiment and health. The focus of this series is learning to energetically be wholly present within the body AND to cultivate health from this place. In my own life I have experienced great mental, emotional, and physical healing through spiritual and body wisdom practices. Come prepared to live an active spiritual practice and experience miracles.

My favorite work is with entrepreneurs. The creativity and curiosity an individual must have to own and run their own business or to bring a project to fruition is immense. I tip my hat to the courage of my colleagues. I will offer a spiritual and skill based programfor entrepreneurs   with the intention of business growth.

If you are in the Phoenix area, please go to the 2013 class tab on this website and register for one, two or all three of the classes, or send the link to your friend you know would benefit from this work. All classes have a limit of 8 to 10, I hope you are one of them.

With a smile of satisfaction on my face,

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