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Meditation Monday: My Life NOW

    I am at times called into deep contemplation and prayer for a day. Today is such a day. As I have taken my prayer seat in my prayer chair to begin the process, I have asked my inner guidance for today’s meditation to clear the energy around me and within me that has impeded my ability to know the Allness of God. The meditation that bubbled to the top for the day is repeating the following words of Truth and feeling them in my body: There is One Life and that is the Life of God and it is my life NOW. This contemplation isn’t new to me. I’ve spoken it for decades, but today, the energy of it is vibrant and light and lifts my Soul and cracks my heart wide open. What I know is the Presence is within me. Jesus and all of the great teachers say this, and I have been blessed to know it on occasion, as well. I also know that I...

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Meditation Monday: Rockin’ and Rollin’ … Literally

  I woke up this morning to my walls wiggling, bed shaking, and trinkets dancing along the bookshelf. There was a 4.7 earthquake with its epicenter just a few miles from where I am living. Nothing like an earthquake to wake me up and get me active in a life inventory. As Mediation Monday, I knew today I would meditate throughout the day on WHO I am, WHAT I am doing, and WHY I am doing it. This is an active part of intentional living; knowing the WHY, or purpose behind what I do.  Today’s meditation is to be awake to what is, why I’m engaged in what is, and how I show up for it. Today I took my elderly friend on a tour of Hollywood and laughed, learned stories of those who went before us and saw beautiful homes. WHY I did this was to feed my Soul that loves history. And, to be with a friend I adore. How I did this was with humor and...

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Loving Yourself Meditation

    My friend Rhonda emailed the following message: Drop everything. Buy this book: Love Yourself as Though Your Life Depends Upon It, by Kamal Ravikant   I went to Amazon, purchased this skinny book, and waited for it to arrive. You see, Rhonda and I have a relationship where we want the best for each other. When we find something good, we share it. So, I knew to click on my Amazon link and make the purchase. And, I did. Last week I placed this book into my book bag and walked down for my morning Starbuck’s experience and sat in my padded chair. With an iced, venti, green tea, no sweetener, in my left hand I opened this book with my right and read it cover-to-cover in less than ten minutes. And I knew the action I was to take. Meditation Mondays in May would be on self love and I would purchase this book for everyone who was to participate. After much brokenness, struggle, and pain,...

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