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Great Egret on Scottsdale Road

  Scottsdale Road is a main arterial running from Tempe with the name Rural Road through Scottsdale and Paradise Valley ending in Cave Creek as Tom Darlington Drive — driving from one end to the other can take several hours. Yesterday I drove north; boutique speciality shops to my right such as Sprinkles; the Baskin and Robbins of cupcakes. To my left is a colossal shopping center with a median between my car and it. Standing perched on the median was an egret. Long skinny legs, elegant and poised in the midst of what could be almost called a freeway. I slowed my car down and the two of us locked eyes as I continued to chant a series of “wow” as I drove by. The Lenten Season began February 18th. This is a season of preparation for a new consciousness; a movement of going from focusing upon that which is temporary and moving toward living from The Eternal. For me it is also a time of stepping into the “What appears to be...

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Six Impossible Thoughts Before Breakfast

    In the movie Alice in Wonderland, Alice says “I sometimes think of six impossible things before breakfast.” This past weekend I attended a two day conversation with Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith where he began by inviting the group to enter into the spiritual practice of stretching our minds daily by making a list of at list six things we find impossible.  The underlying premise is the more I mentally stretch, the less impossible and more possible something feels. I began my list. 1. Ten thousand regularly readers read my blog. 2. Grocery stores decide to sell only organic food which is affordable to all. 3. The song I write is recorded by Lady Gaga and tops the chart. 4. Individuals realize how powerful they are and harness this power to transform the relationships with others in the world. 5. War ceases within my lifetime and I have to explain to my grand daughter what it once “was.” 6. I live from a place which accepts and doesn’t...

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