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Divine Mother

    Motherhood in America is often associated with traditional American values. Just go to your local card shop and pick up a card from the rack. Chances are you will need a warm shower and pouf afterward to wash off the sugary glaze. Motherhood truly is a sacred calling and holy assignment. It is no small feat to nurture a child into their Divine Wholeness. However, I have worked with many clients who felt gipped in the mother department. Their mother was abusive, inattentive, self-centered, addicted, or invested in an image over the needs of their children. These kids are left with a different experience of Mother’s Day, and even more, a gaping hole in their heart that was never filled. What does one do then, spiritually, when their emotional/physical needs weren’t met? My answer is to open up to the Grace and Love of the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is front and center in the Hindu faith and included in a secondary, yet substantial role, as Mother Mary...

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Revelation: It’s The Mother

I want to meet Richard Branson. My first step in cultivating the possibility of meeting Sir Richard is reading his biography, Losing My Virginity. This compelling book had me face first into it, gulping it down in parts and savoring it in others. I was with him as I read each paragraph. Then the insight hit me which shifted the way I now see the world. Oh my God, I begin yelling in my empty house, “success comes down to the quality of one’s mother.” Stay with me on this one; it shook me too. I cannot remember a moment in my life when I have not felt the love of my family. We were a family that would have killed for each other — and we still are.  (pg 18) Branson describes his early years in scene-after-scene of family involvement and caring. His words paint the picture of a solid family foundation which he could always count on. As he becomes older and begins to take risks growing ideas into...

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