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A Community Prayer for World Peace

Dear Friends,

Inspiration: I have a vision. It is one which has tickled my insides for a while now, and I couldn’t quite articulate it until this TED Talk was sent to me, by my friend Rhonda.

The TED talk is about fourteen minutes in length and well worth watching. Eric Whitacer, composer, facilitates a global choir singing some of his compositions. Inspiring, powerful, and filled with stories of the human spirit and the gift of music; to me it is a manifestation of the Oneness which we are. This is where my idea comes in.¬†And, you don’t need to watch the video to play in this idea.

The Idea: Here is the idea…individuals from around the world (that’s you) create a video of fifteen seconds or less with their one word or sentence of prayer for world peace. That’s it. Grab your cell phone and video yourself or a group of you, and speak your Peace. Some suggestions? State what it feels like to be at peace within yourself. Or, describe what world peace looks like, as you understand it. You could speak names of the Divine as you know It. Close out the prayer in a way that honors it. Follow your intuition on what is yours to contribute. Then upload it to YouTube channel CreatePeacePrayer by January 1, 2013. It’s easy.

Details: From your cell phone email your video to for automatic uploading. Please say your name, state and country before you speak your words of peace. Your personal information will be edited out of the prayer, yet may be used for giving credit. The prayer will become a part of the public domain, which means you can use it on your website, Facebook Page, in email, etc. There is no financial compensation or guarantee of use for your upload.

January 1st is World Peace Day. Then, the Peace Master Techies will compile the segments into a prayer by February 1st, Global Day of Freedom. Spread the word, get creative, and begin posting.

Love and Peace,

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