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Today A Gift Arrived at My Doorstep

  Today there was a brown box leaned up against my door. The first thing I noticed was it was not from Amazon. It was from my friend Rhonda. I ran to the miscellaneous drawer, pulled out a pair of scissors and ran the blade down the center seam of tape. Inside the box between plastic air cushions was a beautiful painted sign which read “Pray Big.” My heart leapt. I received a freelance gift (not attached an occasion) and it represented me. A happy dance followed then placement on my kitchen altar. With my heart freshly bursting, I text Rhonda, but this feeling was SO full I wanted to share it with everyone. I opened Facebook and posted the photo. Comments started rolling in and my friend Heather said “I like the sign behind it.” The sign behind it reads “I want someone to spend my life with who will leave me alone most of the time.” This too was a freelance gift from a friend. Glenda saw...

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Are You REALLY Kind?

  Kindness comes from the English and has two predominant meanings: 1. to be of the same — like these apples are the same kind 2. to be benevolent without the motive of profit Combined; these two definitions mean what I believe the Dalai Lama refers to when he says “My religion is kindness.” Meaning this — each of us humans share the same Source, we are the same kind. This means inferior and superior are off the playing field. We share Same. We share the experience of being human and at the same time in history. And, as kind …  behaving generously without searching for a gain. Let this settle for a moment. How often do you come from a place of giving without any expectation whatsoever of receiving? Let me break this down a bit further. When giving, a thank you isn’t expected from the other; you simply give. A week doesn’t go by without me hearing the phrase “and they didn’t even say thank you!!!” as though...

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Becoming the Mother and Daughter Consciousness

I remember the first time I interpreted the Prodigal Son story from the perspective of The Father consciousness instead of, or in addition to, The Son consciousness. The message is The Father is one of Unconditional Love; and celebration of the son regardless of his wayward nature. The Son Consciousness is one of returning to Love, humility/openness, and, receptivity regardless of self opinion. It feels terrific being the always loved child; knowing there is a Presence which loves me always and regardless. And, the spiritual maturity came for me when I was willing to be a place for the Father/Parent consciousness to be revealed within me that I may be the place of the Loving and the loved; the giving forth and the receiving; the Mother and the daughter. Michael Berg in his book The Way, based upon teachings of the Kabbalah, lays out creation in three steps as I interpreted it: 1. God gives forth; 2. We receive the givingness of God; and 3. We then re-enact creation by...

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